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  1. Justice is the new front in war on global poverty
    Gunilla Carlsson, Financial Times, 17 June 2013
  2. Seize the opportunity for peace and security!
    Gunilla Carlsson, Ma'an News Agency (MNA), 11 June 2013
  3. Women's rights are human rights - now more than ever
    Gunilla Carlsson, Aljazeera, 02 June 2013
  4. "The world needs to focus its efforts on combating corruption and repression"
    Gunilla Carlsson, Dagrns Nyheter, 30 May 2013
  5. Sweden sees new opportunities in Nigeria
    Anders Borg, Gunilla Carlsson, The Guardian Nigeria, 09 May 2013
  6. Positive development in Africa is also good for Sweden
    Anders Borg, Carl Bildt, Gunilla Carlsson, Ewa Björling, Birgitta Ohlsson, Dagens Nyheter (translated to english), 05 May 2013
  7. The hunt for jobs drives global development
    Gunilla Carlsson, Tobias Billström, English translation of article published in Svenska Dagbladet, Brännpunkt, 26 February 2013
  8. Global engagement for health could achieve better results now and after 2015
    Gunilla Carlsson, 05 November 2012
  9. Clear goals to be set for development assistance
    Gunilla Carlsson, Svd Brännpunkt, 22 March 2012
  10. Seven billion on the same small globe
    Gunilla Carlsson, Dagens Industri, 31 October 2011