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Grades from year six

Minister for Education Jan Björklund today presented a proposal for grades to be awarded from year six in compulsory school and detailing how this would take place.

"Parents and pupils have a right to clear information about progress in school."

"Pupils in danger of failing must be told at an early stage, to give them time to improve their grades," says Mr Björklund.

The Government has already implemented a number of reforms to boost learning outcomes in Swedish schools. New syllabuses are to be introduced with clear knowledge requirements for years three, six and nine; national tests are to be obligatory in year three; written assessments are now to be given from year one and the new grading scale is to include more increments than the current one.

By awarding grades from year six, schools will become better at giving clear information to pupils and parents. Schools can also monitor results so that help can be offered in time.

The proposal for grades at an earlier stage is adapted to how teaching is organised in schools. Since pupils often do not start learning modern languages until year six, grades will not be given in language options until year seven. For natural science and social science subjects, grades will be given in each individual subject, but in year six it will be permitted to award an overall grade for the natural science and social science blocks.

It is proposed that pupils in year six of compulsory school be given grades from the autumn term of 2012, at which time those in year seven will also receive grades for the first time.

At Sami schools and primary and lower secondary schools for pupils with learning disabilities (where grades are given), grades will also be given from year six; in special needs schools, grades will be given from year seven.


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