Natural Resources in Sub-Saharan Africa: Assets and Vulnerabilities

Probably nobody would deny that Africa's natural resources - seen as both assets and vulnerabilities - are crucial for the future of Africa. However, opinions differ as to what role they can and should play for development. Johan Holmberg's paper Natural resources in Sub-Saharan Africa: Assets and Vulnerabilities provides a basis for discussion. In many respects it paints a grim picture, not least concerning the longer-term impact of climate change. It also gives an updated overview on the issues of water, land and soil. Finally, it makes recommendations for how Sweden should engage in the area.

We encourage you to read it and to react! Raise questions, propose priorities and put forward challenges concerning aspects discussed in the background paper, as well as any that are missing from the study. Is the author painting a correct picture? Are the recommendations for Swedish positions adequate? What would you like to add?

Any general ideas, comments and questions not related to natural resources can be raised in the General Discussion.


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Natural resources - assets and vulnerability

A contribution to the Swedish Government White Paper on Africa commissioned by the Nordic Africa Institute.

By Johan Holmberg
Brussels in May 2007