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Central government support to sport

  • aims at supporting activities that help to develop children and young people's interest in, and inclination to participate in physical exercise and sport;
  • is undertaken from the perspective of the rights of the child, by increasing children and young people's influence on, and responsibility for their sporting activities;
  • makes it possible for everyone to engage in sport and physical exercise;
  • helps to arouse a lifelong interest in physical exercise, thereby promoting good public health;
  • is intended to give girls and boys and women and men equal opportunities for participating in sports activities;
  • promotes integration and good ethics, and
  • actively fights doping in sport.

Central government grants may also support activities that strengthen the international competitiveness of sportsmen and sportswomen.

The aims and objectives of central government support

In the Bill State Support for Sport (Government Bill 2008/09:126), the Government proposed that the aims and objectives of state support to sport that were laid down in 1999 are to continue to apply. The objective of the grant to children and young people is clarified, so that grants are to be given to activities that are run from the perspective of the rights of the child. The original aims and objectives have been supplemented by an addition, which states that support can also be granted to activities that strengthen the international competitiveness of sportsmen and sportswomen.

The Government further considered that the current principle of a division of responsibility between the state and the sports movement should remain unchanged. The state defines the aims and objectives that the state has in mind when allocating grants. The sports movement should continue to set the goals of its activities itself.

Since the beginning of 2010, the Swedish National Centre for Research in Sports at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences has been responsible for following up central government support to sport. This follow-up is conducted in the form of a regular, long-term follow-up of the importance of state support to sport, based on a number of indicators, in-depth analyses and supplementary research. The progress reports of the Swedish Sports Confederation should be focused on quantitative results criteria.

Starting in 2010, the grant to Swedish sport that was previously estimated as a share of the surplus from Svenska Spel AB and the general grant from gaming revenues has ceased and has been replaced by a larger central government appropriation that is stable and predictable.

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