Permanent Representation of Sweden
Permanent Representation of Sweden to the European Union

Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU

The Permanent Representation of Sweden to the European Union in Brussels is an extended arm of the Swedish Government. The Representation is Sweden's largest mission abroad. The main task is to pursue Swedish interests and policies effectively in the policy making of the Union.

  • A practical approach on how to cope with disinformation

    Leena Brandt, Jennifer Rankin, Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck
    The Bryssels based journalists Jennifer Rankin and Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck reflected on the development of disinformation from a journalist's point of view. Speakers from East StratCom Taskforce, the Swedish Media Council and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency then presented their work and findings. Moderator was Leena Brandt, Press Counsellor for the EU-representation of Finland to Sweden. Foto: EU-representationen

    In less than two years, “post-truth”, “fake-news” and “troll factories” have become words that represent one of the political narratives of our time. On 19 September, the Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU brought together experts to discuss ways to tackle disinformation.

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Ida Edwertz
- Environmental effects of plastic are one the main challenges of our time, but since plastics provides vitally important functions in our everyday lives we have to look for sustainable solutions. That is why discussions like the one we had today is key. We need both commitment and information on what measures that have the greatest potential, emphasises Ida Edwertz, Environment Counsellor in Brussels for the Swedish government. Photo: The EU-representation

Plastics in the Circular Economy

Plastic is one of five priority areas in the EU Action plan for the Circular Economy. In a live streamed seminar the Confederations of Danish, Finnish and Swedish industry and other stakeholders discussed priorities for the EU Commission’s upcoming Strategy on Plastics.

Anna Jardfelt, Tanya Lokshina, Natalia Taubina and Natalia Prilutskaya
International attention plays an extremely important role when human rights are violated. This was the most important message from human rights experts Tanya Lokshina, Natalia Taubina and Natalia Prilutskaya, who were invited to talk about human rights in Russia by Anna Jardfelt (left), Ambassador and Sweden’s representative on the EU Political and Security Committee, PSC. Foto: The EU-representation

Experts on human rights in Russia spoke at the Swedish EU-representation

The human rights situation in Russia is being closely monitored by the EU. On 1 June, the Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU hosted experts from Human Rights Watch, Public Verdict Foundation and Amnesty International, who gave their view of the situation.

Lars Danielsson
-I count on the fundamental rights of freedom of the press and expression, to continue to do their job in my country, but I realize that I can't take them for granted. The fundamental freedoms are always in danger in one way or another and the threats can take many different forms, says Head of the Swedish Representation to the EU, Lars Danielsson. December 2, 2016, is the 250th Anniversary of the Freedom of the Press Act. Foto: Charlotta Erikson/Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU

Freedom of the Press in Sweden: Lars Danielsson on the 250th Anniversary

Today I celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the very cornerstone of democracy in my native Sweden – the birth of the Freedom of the Press Act. Although the Act has served my country and its people well in numerous ways, it can't be taken for granted. In recent negotiations on the Directive combatting terrorism Sweden asked for a debated exception with reference to the freedom of the press. Let me explain why!