Article from Ministry of Culture

A strategy for equal rights and opportunities regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression


LGBT people are still subjected to discrimination and other degrading treatment in Swedish society. This is unacceptable, and the work for equal rights and opportunities for LGBT people is therefore an important issue for the Government.

The aim of the strategy is to strengthen efforts to improve the situation of LGBT people in Sweden.

A number of focus areas have been identified and strategic agencies have been appointed to create the conditions for improved knowledge about and equal treatment of LGBT people. Assignments to other government agencies and strengthened efforts to raise awareness and knowledge about the situation of LGBT people are also announced in the strategy.

The six focus areas covered by the strategy are: violence, discrimination and other violations; young LGBT people; health, care and social services; private and family life; culture; and civil society.

The new assignments announced in the strategy:

  • Assignment for the Swedish Police Authority to follow up the Police’s continued improvement efforts concerning hate crimes.
  • Assignment for the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society to collaborate with the National Agency for Education to conduct measures aimed at improving knowledge about LGBT issues and creating an open and prejudice-free environment in schools for      young LGBT people.
  • Assignment for the National Board of Health and Welfare to conduct measures aimed at improving knowledge about the situation of LGBT people and their treatment within social services.
  • Assignment for the Living History Forum to concentrate on combating homophobia and transphobia among young people within the framework of its work on education material.
  • Assignment for the Swedish Exhibition Agency to give clearer emphasis to LGBT-related issues within the area of exhibitions.

An inquiry into the age limit for establishing a change of gender was also announced in the strategy. The Inquiry submitted its report ‘Legal gender and medical gender correction’ (SOU 2014:91) to the Government on 22 January 2015.

Just over SEK 6 million has been set aside for the period 2014–2016 for education initiatives aimed at increasing knowledge about LGBT issues in the public sector. These education initiatives are to make use of the knowledge and skills that exist in organisations that represent LGBT people. More information about this initiative will be made available before the summer.

A follow-up of the strategy is planned for 2017.