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Alice Bah Kuhnke is no longer a government minister, Minister for Culture and Democracy

Article from Ministry of Culture

Creative Schools initiative supplemented to include preschool


The Government wants to create conditions for professional artistic and cultural activities for children in the very early years. The Government therefore proposes increasing the allocation to the Creative Schools initiative by SEK 10 million for 2015. This investment will go to professional cultural activities in preschools.

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The Government believes it is important for children to experience various cultural expressions as young as possible and to be given the opportunity to grow with cultural creation. The possibility to access culture and express themselves through their own creation is to be a part of every child’s life and everyday experience in preschool. In expanding the initiative to include preschool, the Government considers that the appropriation should also be raised correspondingly for the period 2016–2018.

Facts: Creative Schools – in brief

The Creative Schools initiative was launched in 2008 with the aim of strengthening the work of schools in the area of culture. Since 2013, Creative Schools has covered all of compulsory school and applies to both state and independent schools.
• the initiative encompassed a total of SEK 173 million in 2014
• preschool class and years 1–9 of state and independent schools
• strengthens work on culture for, with and by children and young people
• helps to develop pupils’ knowledge
• increases collaboration with cultural life
• action plans required for grants
• Swedish Arts Council allocates grants
• evaluated continually

If you want to apply:
The Swedish Arts Council is responsible for the allocation of grants. Municipalities and governing bodies of both independent and state schools are entitled to apply for grants from the Swedish Arts Council.