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Alice Bah Kuhnke is no longer a government minister, Minister for Culture and Democracy

Article from Ministry of Culture

Culture initiative started in Million Homes Programme areas


The Government wants to invest in culture in the Million Homes Programme areas by giving the Swedish Arts Council and the Public Art Agency Sweden a total of SEK 2 million to prepare a culture initiative.

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The Government then wants to develop the initiative by allocating a total of SEK 170 million during the period 2016–2018 for the creation of meeting places for cultural activities, for people’s own creativity and for the artistic design of the residential environment in these areas.

Access to cultural activities and a stimulating living environment are crucial to both our wellbeing and democratic participation. Equal access to culture is a priority for the Government. Regardless of where you live, you should be able to access culture and experience a stimulating living environment. The Government wants to draw attention to and support the diverse commitment that exists in many Million Homes Programme areas throughout the country. This funding will support cultural initiatives by local civil society organisations that want to become involved in the development and artistic shaping of their neighbourhoods.