This content was published in the period between 3 October 2014 and 20 January 2019

Article from Ministry of Justice

Measures for more short-term accommodation for asylum seekers


There are large numbers of asylum seekers coming to Sweden. The responsible agencies have the capacity to deal with the situation, but things are strained. Above all, it is important to ensure access to accommodation for asylum seekers. This needs to be dealt with quickly.

In view of the situation, and to ensure that Sweden can continue to handle large numbers of asylum seekers in the country, the Government is taking a number of measures.

Inventory of state-owned properties

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency is supporting the Swedish Migration Agency in carrying out an inventory of government agencies’ possibilities of providing asylum accommodation.  The state-owned companies are also being consulted.  

Bringing forward planned legislation

The time frame for a bill on shared responsibility for the reception of newly arrived immigrants (the referral act) is being revised with a view to bringing it into force as soon as possible. As part of this work, the Government is already urging municipalities to provide places during the rest of the autumn. There are currently over 10 000 people stuck in asylum centres because they have not been offered a place in a municipality. The time frame for the bill on supported accommodation is being revised with a view to bringing it into force earlier. 

County administrative boards conducting regional coordination

The county administrative boards are holding regular national collaboration conferences and conducting regional coordination. The municipalities are contacted continuously about the availability of properties. 

More precise remit for the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency on the coordination of refugee measures

The Government has identified a need to strengthen the coordination of measures to deal with the refugee situation. The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency has the task of supporting the coordination of relevant agencies’ measures in a crisis situation. We consider that the Agency’s remit should be made more precise and are therefore working on a clarification along these lines.

Review of procurement rules

The National Agency for Public Procurement has been tasked with drawing up a guidance document to support government agencies and other actors involved in procurement processes. This guidance document is to complement and make more tangible the European Commission’s communication on public procurement. Moreover, changes are being considered to the procurement legislation with the aim of preventing the Swedish Migration Agency’s problems with procurement processes being delayed in court proceedings through interim decisions.