The Government's ten standpoints to reform the EU’s refugee policy

In September 2015, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven presented the Government’s policy for reforming the EU’s refugee system. The most important thing now is that all countries take responsibility, that we create an orderly reception system and that we tackle the causes of the international refugee crisis. Sweden will pursue these ten standpoints to reform the EU’s refugee policy:

  1. The EU must establish a permanent and obligatory redistribution mechanism in the event of disasters.
  2. The EU must continue to prioritise the saving of lives.
  3. All EU Member States must take their responsibility to maintain the EU’s external border and live up to the asylum rules.
  4. The EU’s asylum and border agencies must be strengthened.
  5. The EU must continue to combat the people smugglers.
  6. The EU must ensure the efficient and humane return of refugees and agree on a returnee programme.
  7. The EU must quickly agree on a system of safe countries of origin.
  8. The EU must drastically increase the number of quota refugees to approximately 100 000.
  9. The European Commission must propose more legal routes into the EU.
  10. The EU needs a more active foreign and aid policy to help people on the ground.

Today, Mr Löfven will meet Germany’s Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and Austria’s Federal Chancellor Walter Faymann to discuss these issues. Reforming the EU’s migration policy has been high on the Government’s agenda since it entered office. 

In the same way that all countries in the EU should share the responsibility, Sweden’s reception of refugees is a responsibility for all of Sweden. For this reason, all municipalities must receive refugees. The Government is now preparing a legislative proposal on the elimination of the municipal veto in refugee policy. For this reason, we will increase support to the municipalities that receive refugees. 

The Government will shortly be presenting more measures in the budget for next year to improve the establishment of refugees coming to Sweden.