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The Government presents the '100 club'


One of our greatest challenges in society is how we can become better at harnessing the skills and experience of people who were born abroad. The current situation demands that the Government, public authorities and companies take new action to identify possibilities for more new arrivals to enter working life. The Government wants to work together with companies that are prepared to employ at least 100 new arrivals to create opportunities based on the conditions and needs of each company.

Minister for Employment Ylva Johansson and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.
Minister for Employment Ylva Johansson and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven presented the '100 club' at a press conference. Photo: Martina Huber/Government Offices

Everyone needs to lend a hand to get more new arrivals into jobs. The Government is now inviting companies to help out. To this end, the Government is now establishing the ‘100 club’ – an initiative to enable the Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish Public Employment Service) to offer support and package solutions to major companies that want to help contribute to the introduction of new arrivals while at the same time managing their labour supply. The purpose of the initiative is to customise packages of initiatives based on individual companies’ needs so as to create new opportunities for companies to employ at least 100 new arrivals within three years.

Special access to the Arbetsförmedlingen for companies

Companies that want to employ at least 100 new arrivals will be offered special access to the Arbetsförmedlingen. From 12 October, the Arbetsförmedlingen has set up a new telephone option on its national telephone line for employers. The company will be called back within three days and its needs and requirements will be discussed at a personal meeting, in order to then identify applicants and create a customised package for the company. Examples of measures include fast tracks, career aptitude assessment, employment training, validation of qualifications, entry recruitment incentives, new start jobs, work placement schemes and occupational training with an supervisor. The initiative will apply for three years and will focus on companies that can employ at least 100 new arrivals during this period.

On Monday 12 October, Sweco, Riksbyggen, Ragn-Sells, Axfood and Hemköp announced that they will participate in the initiative and will employ at least 100 new arrivals each.