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Anders Ygeman is no longer a government minister, Minister for Home Affairs

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Anders Ygeman signed cooperation agreements with Moldova and Georgia


On 6–7 February, Anders Ygeman visited Moldova and Georgia to sign cooperation agreements on law enforcement.

  • Anders Ygeman signs cooperation agreement with Moldova together with Moldovan Minister of Internal Affairs Alexandru Jizdan

    Photo: Government Offices of Sweden

  • Anders Ygeman shakes hands with Georgian Minister of Internal Affairs Giorgi Mghebrishvili follow the signing.

    Photo: Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs

The two agreements strengthen cooperation between Sweden and Moldova and Sweden and Georgia in the fight against serious cross-border crime, principally human trafficking, arms smuggling, terrorism, drug offences, cybercrime and money laundering.

"The new law enforcement agreements strengthen and deepen Sweden's cooperation with both countries. Being able to exchange experiences between law enforcement agencies is important in the fight against organised crime," says Mr Ygeman.

In both agreements, the parties have committed to cooperating on combating serious cross-border crime within the framework of each country's national legislation. Cooperation is primarily to take place via the exchange of information. Sweden has previously entered into agreements on a government-to-government level with Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia.

In addition to meeting with the various ministers for internal affairs, justice, transport and information technology, Mr Ygeman also visited the European Union Monitoring Mission in Georgia and representatives of civil society in both countries, including the Women's Law Centre in Moldova and Transparency International in Georgia.