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Agreement on guidelines for Brexit negotiations


EU heads of state and government agreed on 29 April on the guidelines for negotiations on the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU. The meeting was an extraordinary European Council due to the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven
It is regrettable that the United Kingdom is leaving the EU, but positive that the European Council has quickly agreed on guidelines and principles for the negotiations on the UK's withdrawal from the EU. That was the main message from Prime Minister Stefan Löfven after the extraordinary European Council on 29 April. Photo: The Representation of the Sweden to the EU

EU heads of state and government met on 29 April to adopt the guidelines for Brexit negotiations.

"I regret that the United Kingdom is leaving the EU. But it is positive that we can now get started on the negotiations, 10 months after the UK referendum," said Prime Minister Stefan Löfven after the meeting.

The guidelines set the framework for the negotiations and the EU's general standpoints and principles. The European Council stressed the importance of a united EU in the negotiations with the UK.

"The most important thing is that we in the EU stick together and place the interests of our citizens, companies and Member States first. We must have a firm and fair stance in the negotiations," emphasised Mr Löfven.

On 29 March, the UK submitted the formal notification to the European Council of its intention to leave the EU. A draft of the guidelines was presented on 31 March and has since been negotiated so as to be adopted at the extraordinary Council meeting on 29 April.

The meeting took place in Brussels.