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Anna Johansson is no longer a government minister, Minister for Infrastructure


Government paves the way for self-driving vehicles


The Government has adopted an ordinance on trials of self-driving vehicles. The ordinance introduces the requirement of a permit to conduct trials of self-driving vehicles. The Swedish Transport Agency will examine matters concerning permits and will have a mandate to grant a permit with conditions.

Existing vehicle regulations (the Vehicle Act and Vehicle Ordinance) enable the Swedish Transport Agency to issue decisions on exemptions concerning how vehicles should be equipped for trials. The possibility of exemptions in the current regulations has been used for some trials of self-driving vehicles but does not allow the Swedish Transport Agency to require a permit to conduct trials of self-driving vehicles.

– The Government believes it is important to make Sweden a country  where innovative technology for sustainable transport can be trialled. We are now creating better conditions for trials of self-driving vehicles, says Minister for Infrastructure Anna Johansson.

The ordinance also requires the presence of a physical driver in or outside the vehicle and provides for fines for those who conduct trials without a permit. The ordinance will enter into force on 1 July 2017.

The Government's strategic innovation partnership programmes

The Government’s five strategic innovation partnership programmes are based on the National Innovation Council’s assessment of the areas in which Swedish society is facing a number of challenges. These are challenges that have good prospects of leading to globally competitive solutions. We need new approaches to travel, housing, doing business, living, communicating, and using and preserving the world’s resources and ecosystems.

The most important task of the innovation partnership programmes is exchange between public sector actors, the business sector and academia to find innovative solutions to the social challenges of today, while strengthening Sweden’s global innovativeness and competitiveness.

The five innovation partnership programmes are: The next generation's travel and transport, smart cities, circular and bio-based economy, life sciences and connected industry and new materials.