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Nader Ahmadi new Director-General of the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise (SAWEE).


On 19 April 2018, the Government appointed Nader Ahmadi as Director-General and head of SAWEE. Most recently, he was pro vice-chancellor of the University of Gävle. Mr Ahmadi will be the first Director-General of the newly established agency when he takes up his post on 1 June 2018.

"The Government has clearly prioritised work environment efforts during the electoral period. Through the new Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise, we are now taking another important step to improve the working environment for everyone working in Sweden. I am pleased today to introduce the first Director-General of the new agency," says Minister for Employment and Integration Ylva Johansson.

Nader Ahmadi is a professor of sociology and has been the pro vice-chancellor and acting head of agency at the University of Gävle since 2016. He was formerly head of the University's Academy for Health and Working Life. Mr Ahmadi has broad experience in leadership and development work and has held positions at the Government Offices, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), UNICEF and the World Bank.

"The labour market has always been complex and dynamic, which means that the conditions for good work environment measures and sustainable working life are also constantly changing. The new agency will help prepare Sweden to better harness opportunities and respond to the working life challenges of today and tomorrow. Our vision is to be an engine for improvement in working life and promote work environment measures that are always a step ahead," says Mr Ahmadi.

The Government has also adopted an ordinance containing instructions and appropriation directions for SAWEE, which will become a national knowledge centre for work environment issues. The agency has been tasked with compiling and spreading knowledge, as well as evaluation and analysis, to contribute to the practical application of knowledge about work environments.

The agency will also be tasked with developing knowledge on working life in the future. There is a need for both easily accessible overviews and in-depth knowledge about how a constantly changing working life can affect the work environment, as well as about the conditions for preventive work environment measures. A report on the assignment is to be presented alongside the annual report for 2019.

SAWEE will be located in Gävle and start operations on 1 June. According to the Government's budget bill, SEK 18.8 million will be allocated in 2018. The agency will gradually be built up and when operations are fully established in 2020, the budget is expected to total SEK 35 million per year.