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Prime Minister Stefan Löfven at mini-summit on migration


Prime Minister Stefan Löfven took part in a mini-summit on migration in Brussels on June 24.

Stefan Löfven
Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and 15 other heads of state and government took part today in the special meeting on migration called by President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker for 24 June. Photo: The EU Representation

The purpose of the summit was to discuss migration issues.

- It was good to meet today to prepare for next week's discussions on migration. It is important for us to continue working for a common asylum system in Europe – focusing on cooperation with countries that migrants come from, strengthening borders and achieving a fairer distribution within the EU, said Mr Löfven after the meeting.

Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Slovenia, Austria, Malta and Sweden took part in the meeting, hosted by President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.

The European Council, that is all heads of state and government, will meet on 28–29 June, when they will further discuss migration policy issues.