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Common and long-term sustainable solutions for Baltic Sea fisheries discussed at BALTFISH meeting


State Secretary Lisa Backteman raised the importance of continued close dialogue and cooperation around the Baltic when BALTFISH (a forum for discussion Baltic Sea Fisheries) met in Stockholm.

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State Secretary Lisa Backteman gave the opening address at the BALTFISH meeting in Stockholm. Photo: Cecilia Tollefeldt/Government Offices

Sweden is Chair of the regional body between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2019. During this period, Sweden will work to advance the efforts on long-term sustainable fisheries in the Baltic Sea and to ensure that management measures are in line with the objectives and principles of the Common Fisheries Policy. The meeting in Stockholm on 5 September, the first of the Swedish Presidency, gathered around 50 representatives of the Baltic Sea states, as well as representatives of the fishing industry and environmental organisations.

In the meeting’s opening address, Ms Backteman emphasised that constructive and effective cooperation on long-term sustainable fisheries in the Baltic Sea is a matter of high priority for the Swedish Government. This is mainly because many of the challenges traverse borders, and can therefore only be advanced through close dialogue and cooperation between the concerned Baltic Sea states and stakeholders to find common and long-term sustainable solutions.

Fact box

BALTFISH was created at Sweden’s initiative in 2009. It is a forum for Baltic Sea states that are members of the European Union to discuss fisheries management issues of relevance to the region. Since the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy, BALTFISH has also been used as a forum where member states can discuss and submit joint recommendations to the Commission with the aim of reaching some of the objectives identified by EU legislators.