Ann Linde is Minister for Foreign Affairs from September 10, 2019


A digital Team Sweden on Sweden Abroad


Swedish trade with the rest of the world is constantly increasing. Today, three quarters of Sweden’s goods exports go to Europe. We export most to Germany, followed by Norway, Finland, Denmark, the United States and the Netherlands. We want to help Swedish businesses find new trading partners, businesses and markets to increase their global sales. At the same time, we also want to help foreign businesses and individuals who want to do business with Sweden find the right entry points.

To make it easier for all actors around the world that are interested in forging trade links with Swedish businesses, we have gathered all information in a single place on Sweden Abroad (our website for our missions abroad) called ‘Doing Business with Sweden – the sky is the limit’. It will be launched on 6 May.  This is a step on the road to providing comprehensive, easily accessible digital information to those who want to export from Sweden, import Swedish products or invest in Sweden. 

Here is a link to the page:

Sweden’s exports increased during the previous electoral period. The Government launched an export strategy that included a number of initiatives to strengthen the business sector’s internationalisation and our economic relations with the rest of the world. The strategy will now be further developed with a focus on economic, social and ecological sustainability for more jobs throughout the country. ‘Doing Business with Sweden – the sky is the limit’ is part of this work.