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Article from Ministry of Culture

Government support to culture schools reintroduced


To ensure that as many children and young people as possible can benefit from municipal culture school activities, the Government proposes that the support to municipalities running culture school activities should be reintroduced, and that it should amount to the previous level of SEK 100 million a year.

Foto: Henrik Montgomery/TT

“Culture school activities give children and young people the opportunity to learn to play an instrument, be in a theatre play or explore their creativity in some other way. We should be proud that we have this type of activity in Sweden and we should not neglect it,” says Minister for Culture and Democracy Amanda Lind.

Prior to 2016, the Government introduced annual support of SEK 100 million to municipal culture school activities, making it possible for municipalities to broaden the activities available and reach new groups. The support was then phased out as a result of the Riksdag budget decision for 2019, which was based on the budget proposal by the Moderate Party and Christian Democrats, but it was then reintroduced in connection with the spring amending budget. The Budget Bill for 2020 is now proposing that the support will also apply during 2020–2022, in the amount of SEK 100 million per year. 

The municipal culture schools reach a lot of children and young people throughout Sweden and contribute to both cultural and social development. The culture schools are very important not only for individuals, but also for general education in society, which means they are of national importance. The Government was able to allocate money in the 2019 spring amending budget for this year’s autumn term, and now the Government is proposing that the support be reintroduced.

“I have seen the difference this money makes to lots of children in Sweden. I am therefore pleased to inform you that the investment will not end this year; the government support of SEK 100 million a year will be reintroduced,” says Ms Lind.

The proposal builds on an agreement between the Government, the Centre Party and the Liberal Party.