Brexit and the EU’s long-term budget at the EU Summit


On Thursday and Friday, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven will meet his EU colleagues in Brussels. The meeting will be dominated by Brexit and discussions on the EU’s long-term budget for 2021–2027. The heads of state and government will also discuss EU enlargement and climate change.


The negotiations on a new agreement for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, Brexit, are continuing up to the last minute ahead of the meeting of the European Council. The heads of state and government will discuss Brexit at the meeting.

The EU’s long-term budget for 2021–2027

Discussions on the EU’s long-term budget have been under way at several levels since the second half of last year. The heads of state and government will discuss the continued work at the meeting.

EU climate strategy

The EU leaders will also discuss the EU’s long-term climate strategy, and what long-term targets the EU should set.
The Paris Agreement from 2015 urges all signatories to formulate long-term climate strategies and communicate them to the UN by 2020.


The heads of state and government will probably discuss Turkey’s test drilling in the eastern Mediterranean, the migration situation and possibly the country’s military action in Syria.

EU activities 2019–2024

At the previous meeting, the heads of state and government pointed to a number of areas the EU should work on during 2020–2024 in a strategic agenda. Examples of areas include climate change, migration, security and a strong economy. The strategic agenda can be likened to a guide for the work of the next European Commission when it takes office. At the meeting, the EU leaders will discuss the strategic agenda together with Ursula von der Leyen, the President-elect of the European Commission.