No agreement on long-term budget at EU summit


Heads of state and government from the 27 EU Member States met in Brussels on Thursday and Friday to try to agree on the EU’s long-term budget for the period 2021 to 2027. The meeting ended without the EU leaders reaching an agreement.

“For us it has been important to keep Sweden’s contribution to the EU budget in check. The proposals presented are not good enough. Some progress has been made but unfortunately our positions remain far apart,” said Prime Minister Stefan Löfven after the summit.

“The level of the budget is still too high and our rebates too low. We are in complete agreement on this with like-minded countries Denmark, the Netherlands and Austria.”

At a later date, the leaders will resume the discussions on how large the budget should be, how the money should be distributed in the various expenditure areas and where the money should come from.

Mr Löfven represented Sweden at the summit in Brussels.