Åsa Lindhagen is Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs from February 5, 2021


“We will not give up before every LGBTI-person in the world can live their lives freely.”


"Most people think it is an obvious right to be who you are and to be allowed to love the person or persons you love. "

"But the fact is, in more than sixty countries in the world you can be fired for being gay. Almost seventy countries declare same-sex relationships illegal. And in many countries transpeople are forced to get sterilized.

Too many LGBTI persons are forced to hide who they are. I am bisexual, so I know how that feels. And my own country, Sweden, has a lot more to do.

This summer, we will not meet at Pride events like we usually do. If feels strange and sad. But this does not mean that the struggle for LGBTI persons full enjoyment of human rights should cease, we must continue in other ways. When authoritarian movements want to push back on human rights we have already won, we will respond with strengthening the respect for human rights further.

We will not give up before every LGBTI-person in the world can live their lives freely.

So happy pride everyone and take care."

Transcript from webcast with Åsa Lindhagen, Minister for Gender Equality, with responsibility for anti-discrimination and anti-segregation.

Summer 2020

The Government’s work for the equal rights and opportunities of LGBTI people

In recent years, many reforms have been implemented that have strengthened the rights of LGBTI people.

The largely positive societal developments that have taken place concerning these issues have probably contributed to the relatively positive situation for LGBTI people in Sweden compared with many other countries in the world.