Åsa Lindhagen has changed areas of responsibility. From 5 February 2021 she is the Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs. 

Minister for Gender Equality, with responsibility for anti-discrimination and anti-segregation.


Initiatives in the Budget Bill for 2021 relating to Åsa Lindhagen’s areas of responsibility


Read about the initiatives contained in the Budget Bill for 2021 relating to the areas of responsibility of the Minister for Gender Equality, with responsibility for anti-discrimination and anti-segregation. The Government’s proposals are based on an agreement between the government parties, the Centre Party and the Liberal Party.

Long-term initiatives in the Government’s policy response to intimate partner violence (IPV)

The Government proposes that the county administrative boards’ regional work to combat men’s violence against women, honour-based violence and oppression, prostitution and trafficking in human beings continue on a permanent basis. The Government also proposes reinforcements to the municipalities for measures to prevent IPV reoffending.

Press release: Long-term initiatives in the Government’s policy response to intimate partner violence (IPV) 

Government strengthens efforts against honour-based violence and oppression

The Government proposes that the national expert team at the Östergötland County Administrative Board be developed and made permanent in the form of a national centre of expertise on honour-based violence and oppression. The Government also proposes an investment of SEK 180 million in 2021 to enhance professional expertise and for new assignments to relevant government agencies related to honour-based violence and oppression.

SEK 10 million for efforts to fight racism

The Government proposes SEK 10 million to strengthen anti-racism efforts. Fighting racism, intolerance and discrimination requires long-term and organised work. Among other things, experiences of differential treatment in dealings with public authorities need to be taken seriously. It is essential that public authorities and other public services always treat individuals equally and in a legally secure manner; this requires continuous skills enhancement initiatives.

Better information about Swedish society for asylum seekers 

In addition to information that the Swedish Migration Agency provides to asylum seekers, there may be a need for more information about Swedish society and language initiatives for asylum seekers waiting for a decision on their asylum applications. The Government therefore proposes an additional SEK 60 million for information about Swedish society for asylum seekers. This entails highlighting important issues related to democracy, rights, obligations and opportunities in society. Gender equality, children’s rights, and honour-based violence and oppression are other issues that can be raised.

Increased grants to municipalities with high refugee intake

The Government proposes a one-year targeted government grant of SEK 200 million to municipalities with relatively high refugee intake. This grant was introduced in 2020 and will now be extended for one year and increased from the previous level of SEK 80 million. The aim of the proposal is to make it easier for municipalities to organise effective reception of newly arrived immigrants, which in turn creates conditions for settling in successfully and swiftly into working and community life.

Social measures in socio-economically disadvantaged areas

There are a number of key actors involved in reducing and combating segregation. Additional funds can stimulate activities at local level that complement and strengthen municipalities’ current efforts, not least in the area of crime prevention. This may include increased accessibility to social services, community workers or similar support. The proposal is for a reinforced general government grant for anti-segregation efforts of SEK 250 million per year in 2021–2023.

Establishment of a human rights institute proposed

At a time when human rights are increasingly challenged, it is more important than ever to have structures that promote and protect human rights. The Government’s proposal is to establish an institute in Sweden whose task will be to promote the protection of human rights. Broad parliamentary support will be sought for the formulation of the legislation and regulations for this new institute ahead of the reform. The proposal is for a SEK 25 million allocation in 2021 followed by yearly allocations to the institute of SEK 50 million per year.