A maximum of eight participants should be normative for all of society


The coming weeks are crucial to stop the spread of infection. Given our current situation, the Government considers that more measures are necessary. We therefore now propose that holding public gatherings and events with more than eight participants be prohibited. In addition, the previous exemption for eating and drinking establishments is removed.

Photo: Linnea Jungert/Regeringskansliet

“The decision to limit gatherings to eight participants is a very, very clear signal to every single person in our country and to all of Swedish society as to what applies in the days ahead.”

“No social situations involving more than eight people should take place, regardless of whether they are covered by the law in purely formal terms.”

“This is the ‘new normal’ for all of society, all of Sweden.”

This was the message Prime Minister Stefan Löfven delivered when new restrictions were presented at a press briefing on Monday, 16 November.

“Take your responsibility”

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven emphasised the seriousness of the situation we are now in and how important it is that everyone take their responsibility to prevent the spread of infection.

“Sweden is being severely tested. It’s going to get worse. Do your duty – take your responsibility to stop the spread of infection,” said Mr Löfven.

Advice to follow to avoid the spread of infection

  • Only get together with those you live with.
  • Stay home if you feel at all unwell.
  • Wash your hands often and carefully.
  • Employers should make it possible for employees to work from home.