Government agencies

Each ministry is responsible for a number of government agencies tasked with applying the laws and carrying out the activities decided on by the Riksdag and the Government.

The state is a significant owner of enterprises in Sweden. The state business portfolio contains of 49 wholly or partly owned enterprises, two of which are listed. In addition, two business foundations and one EU company are administered. In total, these enterprises employ approximately 163 000 people.

Government agencies

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  • The Board against Discrimination

    The Board against Discrimination is tasked with examining issues regarding financial penalties pursuant to the Discrimination Act. Only the Equality Ombudsman and central employee organisations can bring a matter before the Board.

  • The Equality Ombudsman (DO)

    The Equality Ombudsman (DO) works to combat discrimination on grounds of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnic origin, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age. The Equality Ombudsman examines complaints concerning discrimination and harassment, and assesses how employers, higher education institutions and schools work to prevent discrimination.

  • Transport Analysis

    Transport Analysis is the Government’s evaluation and analysis body for issues relating to the entire area of transport. This agency is responsible for evaluating measures in the area of transport and reporting on their impact. Transport Analysis is also responsible for studies on travel habits and transport, as well as official statistics in the area of transport and communications. It also has the task of disseminating knowledge, experiences and results of activities to other authorities and stakeholders.

  • Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise

    The Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise (SAWEE) is mandated by the Government to serve as the national work environment knowledge centre.

  • The Swedish Foreign Intelligence Inspectorate

    The Swedish Foreign Intelligence Inspectorate is the supervisory agency for foreign intelligence including signals intelligence.

  • The Foreign Intelligence Court

    The Foreign Intelligence Court is a special court that is responsible for issuing permits for signals intelligence.

  • Nationalmuseum

    Nationalmuseum is tasked with promoting art, interest in art and knowledge of art. The agency has a particular responsibility for bringing older art forms to life, highlighting their connection with contemporary art and the development of society, and promoting artistic and cultural renewal.

  • Swedish Agency for Support to Faith Communities

    Swedish Agency for Support to Faith Communities distributes state grants to Swedish denominations - except the Church of Sweden.

  • Swedish Inspectorate of Auditors (SIA)

    Swedish Inspectorate of Auditors (Revisorsinspektionen - RI) is a governmental authority under the Ministry of Justice. RI handles matters relating to auditors and auditing. Thus, RI arranges exams, issues authorization of auditors and registered audit firms.

  • Prison Museum of Sweden

    The Prison Museum of Sweden displays, manages, uses, collects and documents cultural heritage from the history of the Swedish prison service.