Government agencies

Each ministry is responsible for a number of government agencies tasked with applying the laws and carrying out the activities decided on by the Riksdag and the Government.

The state is a significant owner of enterprises in Sweden. The state business portfolio contains of 49 wholly or partly owned enterprises, two of which are listed. In addition, two business foundations and one EU company are administered. In total, these enterprises employ approximately 163 000 people.

Government agencies

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  • Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment (Swedac)

    Swedac, Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment, is a government authority for quality and safety. Swedac’s work, nationally and internationally, lays a foundation for the trust between countries that is needed for a functioning world trade and economic growth. To be an authority for conformity assessment means that other authorities are obliged to confer with Swedac before regulating conformity assessment.

  • The Nordic Africa Institute

    The Nordic Africa Institute (Nordiska Afrikainstitutet) is a center for research, documentation and information on modern Africa in the Nordic region. Based in Uppsala, Sweden, the Institute is dedicated to providing timely, critical and alternative research and analysis of Africa in the Nordic countries and to strengthen the co-operation between African and Nordic researchers.

  • National Board of Trade

    The National Board of Trade is the Swedish governmental agency responsible for issues relating to foreign trade, the Internal Market and trade policy. Its mission is to promote an open and free trade with transparent rules.

  • Inspectorate of Strategic Products (ISP)

    ISP, Inspectorate of Strategic Products, works with control and compliance of defence material and dual-use products. ISP is also the National Authority for the Chemical Weapons Convention and handle cases concerning targeted sanctions.

  • Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA)

    The Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA) is the Swedish government agency for peace, security and development, and has the overall mission to support international peace and crisis management operations.

  • The Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board (EKN)

    EKN has been commissioned by the government to promote Swedish exports and the internationalisation of Swedish companies.

  • Court of Patent Appeals

    The Court of Patent Appeal is an administrative court that, on appeal, reviews decisions by the Patent and Registration Office in matters of patents, trademarks, designs, personal names and authorisations to publish periodicals. The Court also reviews decisions by the Swedish Board of Agriculture in matters of plant varieties.

  • LFV Group – Swedish Airports and Air Navigation Services

    The main task of the LFV Group is to provide a safe, efficient and environmentally sound air traffic service for civil and military aviation. LFV is also responsible for research and innovation in its area of activity.

  • Vinnova

    The task of Vinnova, the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems, is to promote sustainable growth through the development of Swedish innovation systems in the areas of technology, transport, communications and working life, and by financing needs-driven research.

  • Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

    The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth works to promote more and growing companies and a sustainable and competitive business sector throughout the country. The Agency’s operations include activities that were previously conducted by Nutek and the National Rural Development Agency, as well as the Swedish Consumer Agency’s commercial and public service responsibilities.

  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

    The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is a university with comprehensive knowledge of the sustainable use of biological natural resources, as well as of the environmental and life sciences. Its knowledge is sought-after both by decision-makers and by the green sector (agriculture, forestry, fisheries, etc.).

  • Geological Survey of Sweden

    The Geological Survey of Sweden surveys, documents and provides information about bedrock, soil types and groundwater in Sweden. As the central authority for geology and mineral issues in Sweden, one of its most important tasks is to meet society’s demand for geological information.

  • National Veterinary Institute

    The National Veterinary Institute is an authority under the Government Offices with the task of providing expert advice and service to public agencies and individuals in the area of veterinary medicine. The Institute promotes animal and human health, Swedish stock farming and the Swedish environment through diagnostic services, research, preparedness and advisory services.

  • Swedish Forest Agency

    The Swedish Forest Agency is the administrative authority for issues concerning forestry. It works to ensure that the country’s forests are protected and used in such a way that they yield a good, sustainable return while maintaining biological diversity. The Agency also works to highlight the value of the forest for recreation and outdoor activities.

  • Swedish Post and Telecom Authority

    The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority works in the areas of telephony, IT, radio and postal services and aims to ensure that everyone in Sweden has access to communications services that are efficient, secure and offer good value for money.

  • Patent Attorneys Board

    The Patent Attorneys Board handles the authorisation and supervision of patent attorneys. The Swedish Companies Registration Office provides office services to the Patent Attorneys Board and is responsible for day-to-day administration and maintenance of the register of patent attorneys.

  • The Swedish Patent and Registration Office

    The Swedish Patent and Registration Office works on matters concerning patents, design, trademarks, personal names, printed periodicals and commissioned activities.

  • Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis (Growth Analysis)

    Growth Analysis has the task of analysing the areas that are most important for growth. The overall objective is to strengthen Swedish competitiveness and create conditions for more jobs in more and growing businesses throughout the country. Growth Analysis works on evaluations, analyses and statistics in a broad Swedish and international perspective.

  • Swedish National Food Agency

    The Swedish National Food Agency is the administrative authority for issues relating to food, including drinking water. It acts in the interests of consumers for safe, good-quality food, good practices in food handling and healthy eating habits.

  • Lantmäteriet

    Lantmäteriet (the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority) maps the country, demarcates boundaries and helps guarantee secure ownership of Sweden’s real property. It provides information about Sweden’s geography and real property.