Anna Hallberg

Anna Hallberg, utrikeshandels­minister och ­minister med ansvar för nordiska frågor

Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

“When exports increase and more jobs are created, all of Sweden can grow and develop. This is why we support free trade and enable more Swedish businesses to venture out into the world. Foreign trade helps promote sustainable solutions and Swedish values.”

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  • Necessary preparations ahead of UK withdrawal from EU customs union

    The United Kingdom’s transition period ends at the end of this year and will then have fully withdrawn from the EU. It is still unclear what trade conditions will apply, but trading with the UK will in any case be more difficult. Preparations ahead of next year by both public authorities and businesses in Sweden are of central importance, say Hans Dahlgren and Anna Hallberg during a digital visit to Swedish Customs.

  • The Government’s Music Export Prize 2019

    Anna Hallberg, Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs hands over the Government’s Music Export Prize to Ghost.
    Anna Hallberg, Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs and the Winner Ghost. Government Offices of Sweden/Sara Brynedal

    The Government’s prize for extraordinary services to Swedish music exports in 2019 has been awarded to the rock band Ghost. The Government’s 2019 Special Prize for long-standing contributions to Swedish music exports has gone to Marie Dimberg.

  • Anna Hallberg presents Sweden’s candidate for the position of OECD Secretary-General

    Anna Hallberg and Cecilia Malmström.
    The Government nominates Cecilia Malmström as Sweden’s candidate for the position of OECD Secretary-General. Photo: Armin Dröge/Regeringskansliet

    At a press conference on 1 September, Anna Hallberg announced that Sweden had nominated former European Commissioner and Minister for EU Affairs Cecilia Malmström as its candidate for the position of Secretary-General of the OECD.

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