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15.3 Residential parking

Residential parking ('boendeparkering') enables people to park their vehicles in parking spaces close to their homes at a reduced rate.

Parking signs show which residents are entitled to park in a particular area, for example 'Boende Va' means residents of Vasastaden, and 'Boende Ö' means residents of Östermalm.

Residential parking spaces may not be used on service nights or service days (for street cleaning, snow clearing, streetlight maintenance, drain clearing and minor road repairs). The parking signs indicate when parking is not allowed.

Residential parking requires a special permit from the municipality where the person resides. Payment can normally be made per day or per month.

For persons living in Stockholm City the application form can be found on Stockholm City’s website. It should be sent to [email protected] along with a copy of the contract for accommodation at the indicated address, a statement by the Mission setting out the applicant's residential address and the registration number of vehicle. To remain valid the residential parking permit must be renewed each year. This is done by sending an email to the above-mentioned address before the end of the year.

There are also private parking options, e.g. in garages. One such option is the private parking company Stockholm Parkering, which is run by Stockholm City. More information is available on Stockholm Parkering's website.


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