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16.3 Planned medical care

Routine healthcare and minor medical issues are managed by primary care physicians at primary care centers (in Swedish: vårdcentral).

Highly specialized planned medical care for staff members of diplomatic missions is coordinated by the International Patient Office(IPO) at Karolinska University Hospital, which is part of Region Stockholm. Members of the staff of diplomatic missions from embassies within the EU should contact the Social Insurance Agency in their home country in order to receive the entitlement documents for healthcare in Sweden (see chapter 16.4 of the diplomatic guide).

Access is provided to Region Stockholm hospitals and various specialist clinics for highly specialized care. The International Patient Office at Karolinska University Hospital assists in payment procedures.

To apply for highly specialised medical treatment, contact the International Patient Office by filling in the online Application Form  

Should you require further information, please contact International Patient Office by emailing [email protected]

International Patient Office at Karolinska University Hospital

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +46 8 123 74 500


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