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20.3 Individual photo badges for couriers

In order to apply for a photo badge (which is required when collecting and delivering courier mail at Arlanda Airport) each mission must conclude a security agreement with Swedavia/Arlanda Service Center (tel. 010-109 66 50).

Each mission may apply to the Arlanda Service Center for Swedavia's photo badge (individual for each holder) for a maximum total of 5 staff members (diplomatic as well as non-diplomatic staff) who are entitled to collect and deliver courier mail. This application includes the forms 'Application for a badge at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport' and 'Application for check of criminal records', which are available on the Swedavia website:

The two forms should be completed and sent directly to:

Arlanda Service Center, SASC 190 45 Stockholm-Arlanda or fax number 010-109 66 99.

To obtain this photo badge, all staff acting as couriers must also undergo security clearance carried out by the Swedish Security Service ("Application for check of public records"). The security/safety training on the Swedavia website must be completed:


To collect the photo badge when issued, the courier must go to the Arlanda Service Center (Terminal 5, ground floor) in person and show the identity card issued by the MFA (Swedish nationals are not entitled to MFA ID cards and will have to show driving license or ordinary Swedish identity card instead). The photo badge must be worn whenever the courier enters the transfer area of Arlanda Airport. Upon completing his/her tour of duty as courier in Sweden, the individual photo badge must be returned to the Arlanda Service Center.


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