Parts of the central government budget relevant to the Ministry of Culture


The Ministry of Culture is responsible for the preparation of the areas of government policy that affect culture, media, democracy, civil society, national minorities and religious communities.

The Ministry of Culture is responsible for the following areas:

Expenditure area 1 Governance

  • Democracy policy and human rights (general elections and democracy, the Election Authority, support to political parties)
  • Media
  • National minorities
  • National minorities, Roma
  • The Sami Parliament and Sami policy

Expenditure area 17 Culture, media, religious communities and leisure activities

  • Culture
  • Media
  • Religious communities
  • Youth policy
  • Civil society (sport, grants to public meeting places, grants to the women's organisations of the parties in the Riksdag, contributions to the non-profit sector)


The central government budget comprises some one hundred ‘appropriations’ that describe how much money can be used for a certain activity. The appropriations are divided into 27 expenditure areas.