Exercises and international operations

To achieve the objective to increase the defence operational capability requires that qualified armed forces exercises are conducted regularly, where various sections of the defence exercise at the same time. Capability develops through education and exercise and will improve when Swedish military units participate in national and international operations. The exercise operation creates distinct objectives for the development of the military units and regular exercises are to be conducted in strategically key areas.

National operations

The task of the Armed Forces is to defend Sweden and promote security in Swedish territory. This means that the Armed Forces are to defend Sweden in war situations. In peace time, the Armed Forces conduct other national operations, for example, tasks to prevent the violation of Swedish territory. The Armed Forces detect and refuse entry to vessels or aircraft that cross Sweden's borders without permission. The Armed Forces are also to assist society with support when necessary, for example to combat forest fires or other natural disasters.

Participation in international operations

Participation in joint international operations places demand on the ability of the Swedish military units within all military capabilities to act together with the units from other countries.

Sweden's involvement in international operations is to contribute to maintaining peace and security outside Sweden's borders in order to prevent conflicts from spreading to other countries. This will thus reduce the risk of Sweden being threatened. Sweden cooperates with other countries in the Nordic region, the EU and the UN and participates only in missions approved by the UN.

Swedish participation in international operations always occurs following decisions made by the Swedish parliament and the government. Approximately 200 individuals currently participate in missions in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.