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  • Anna Ekström to visit Yad Vashem in Jerusalem

    On Sunday 8 September, Minister for Education Anna Ekström will visit Yad Vashem, one of the world’s most prominent knowledge centres for Holocaust remembrance. Ms Ekström will be in attendance when a declaration of intent between the University of Gothenburg, the Living History Forum and Yad Vashem is signed in Jerusalem. This is the first declaration of intent between Yad Vashem and Sweden.

    “I am very pleased about this opportunity to join Swedish teachers in developing teaching about the Holocaust in Swedish schools. By supporting teaching about the Holocaust, we can promote tolerance, combat antisemitism and other forms of racism, and work to protect our open and democratic society,” says Ms Ekström.

  • Teachers and pupils must have the right conditions to strengthen their work

    Anna Ekström, Minister for Education
    Minister for Education, Anna Ekström Photo: Kristian Pohl/Government Offices

    Improving attainment, strengthening equity and guaranteeing the provision of teachers, safety and peaceful study environments in Swedish schools. Listen to Minister for Education Anna Ekström talk about some of her priorities during this electoral period.

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