Eva Nordmark

Eva Nordmark, Minister for Employment

Minister for Employment

Ministry of Employment

Everyone who can work should work. This is the basis of our welfare system. Now that working life is changing, we are making a new start in our labour market policy. The Government is continuing to pursue a policy for more jobs and new investment in skills development. We are building a more secure working life, with good opportunities for development. This is how we will meet the future together.

News from Eva Nordmark

  • Eva Nordmark takes part in EU meeting on measures for employment and businesses in light of COVID-19

    Yesterday, Thursday 19 March, EU employment and social ministers took part in an informal video conference. The agenda included issues related to the socio-economic consequences of COVID-19.

  • Government proposes legislative amendments to increase equal treatment of posted workers

    The Government has decided to refer a proposal to the Council on Legislation for Sweden to implement the EU’s revised Posting of Workers Directive. In its referral to the Council on Legislation, the Government proposes legislative amendments that will create more equal conditions for posted workers and domestic workers. The Government also proposes tighter regulations on the notification obligation in connection with the posting of workers and an extension of the right of access for regional safety representatives.

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