CV Roger Mörtvik


State Secretary to Minister for Employment.


State Secretary Roger Mörtvik. Photo: Kristian Pohl/Government Offices of Sweden
State Secretary Roger Mörtvik. Photo: Kristian Pohl/Government Offices of Sweden

Area of responsibility

Labour market issues


Roger Mörtvik was born in 1960. He lives in Stockholm and is married
with three children.

Educational background

1997–1999 and 2012–2014
Doctoral studies in Sociology, Umeå University

Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Development and Management, Umeå University

Social Science Programme at Hjalmar Lundbohmsskolan, Upper Secondary School, Kiruna

Positions and assignments

State Secretary, Ministry of Employment 

State Secretary, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs 

State Secretary, Ministry of Education and Research 


Government Inquiry Chair for municipal adult education (Komvux) 

Policy Director, Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees 

Political Advisor, Ministry of Employment

Programme secretary (part-time) for research and development programme for learning organisations, Work Environment Fund 

Social policy analyst, Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees 

August 2018-January 2019
Board member, Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT)

August 2018-January 2019
Chair of Asset Management Committee, STINT

December 2016–
Convener of Nomination Committee for the Board of Stockholm University of the Arts 

December 2016–
Convener of Nomination Committee for the Board of Södertorn University 

Deputy Chair of the Swedish Inheritance Fund Commission 

Board member, KPA Pensionsförsäkring AB 

Board member, Fourth AP Fund 

Member of Nominations Committee, Folksam Liv and Folksam Sak 

Representative in plenary committee for the Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD 

Board member, National Public Transport Agency 

Board member, National Institute for Working Life 

Board member, Stockholm Institute of Education 

Member, committee on research information, Council for Planning and Coordination of Research 

Member, Rosén Award committee for achievements in popular science, Council for Planning and Coordination of Research

Additional information

Author of various articles, anthology contributions and books on economics, work and welfare. A few examples:

  • Final report of the inquiry into municipal adult education, En andra
    och en annan chans – ett Komvux i tiden (A different, second chance – adult education with the times), SOU 2018:71.
  • Fredrik W. Andersson, Susanne Gullberg Brännström, Roger Mörtvik,(2018) ”Long-term scarring effect of neither working nor studying”, International Journal of Manpower, Vol. 39 Issue: 2, pp.190-204,
  • “Unga utanför - om orsaker till långvarigt utanförskap” (Young and
    excluded – the causes of long-term social exclusion), in the anthology Den långa vägen till arbetsmarknaden (The long road to the labour market) (ed. Jonas Olofsson), Studentlitteratur, 2014.
  • Turboekonomin: Den globala kampen om jobb och välfärd (The turbo economy: the global struggle for jobs and welfare), Premiss förlag 2006.
  • “Does gender equality spur growth?”, article in OECD Observer No
    250, July 2005.
  • Danvind E-M and Mörtvik R, Learn for Your Life – A Doctrine of
    Change for Unions, Business and Administration, Confederation of
    Professional Employees, Stockholm, 1996.