The Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation has some 500 employees, of which four are ministers.

Political Executive

Mikael Damberg is the Minister for Enterprise and Innovation and head of the Ministry.

The Ministry has three more ministers: Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth, Minister for Rural Affairs Sven-Erik Bucht and Minister for Housing and Digital Development Peter Eriksson.

The State Secretaries rank second to the ministers in directing the day-to-day business of the Ministry. Furthermore, each minister has a political staff including Political Advisers and Press Secretaries. The political staff assist the ministers by preparing political issues, planning and coordination and contacts with the media.

Senior officials

Alongside the state secretaries, the Ministry has two senior officials who are not politically recruited; one Director-General for Administrative Affairs and one Director-General for Legal Affairs, whose responsibility includes ensuring that government matters are dealt with in a lawful, consistent and uniform manner.

Operational Departments, Divisions and Secretariats

The Ministry of Enterprise has operational departments, divisions and a number of secretariats.

The departments, divisions and secretariats prepare matters before government decisions. One of their tasks is to lay the groundwork for government bills. The divisions also manage contacts with the agencies accountable to the Ministry.

The Legal Secretariat supports the ministry in the preparation of laws and other statutory instruments. The Secretariat ensures that administrative matters are carried out correctly and that the decisions taken are in accordance with the law.

The other secretariats are responsible for support and coordination concerning administration, communication, European and international coordinatio, and budget.

Department for Business, Competition and Agriculture

  • Division for Competition, State Aid and Framework Conditions
  • Division for Business
  • Division for Fisheries, Game Management and Reindeer Husbandry
  • Division for the Food Chain, Animal Health and Welfare
  • Division for Forest and Climate
  • Division for Agriculture and the Environment
  • Division for Governance and Evaluation of Business Competition and Agriculture

Department for Housing and Transport

  • Division for Building and Housing
  • Division for Transport Infrastructure and Financing
  • Division for Transport Markets and Regulations
  • Division for Transport and Society
  • Division for Governance and Evaluation of Housing and Transport

Department for Innovation and State-Owned Companies

  • Division for Innovation, Research and Capital Supply
  • Division for State-Owned Enterprises
  • Economic Analysis Secretariat

Department for Sustainable Growth

  • Division for Enterprise Promotion and Simplification
  • Division for Sustainable Rural Development
  • Division for Regional Growth and Cohesion Policy
  • Division for Information Technology Policy


  • Secretariat of the Director-General for Administrative Affairs
  • Legal Secretariat
  • Office for Management and Coordination
  • Secretariat for Communication
  • Secretariat for EU and International Affairs