Organisation of the Ministry of the Environment


Annika Strandhäll is Minister for Climate and the Environment. The Ministry of the Environment has around 160 employees, mainly divided between eight divisions and secretariats. In addition, around 40 employees in committees of inquiry within the Ministry’s areas of responsibility.

Political leadership

Minister for Climate and the Environment Annika Strandhäll is Head of the ministry. Her State Secretary Anders Grönvall leads the day-to-day work and assists the Minister with planning, coordinating and following up of activities. The political staff also includes press secretaries and political advisers. The press secretaries are responsible for contacts with the media, and the political advisers take care of matters such as producing background material for the political leadership.

Senior officials

In addition to the State Secretary, the Ministry has two other senior officials: a Director-General for Administrative Affairs and a Director-General for Legal Affairs. The Director-General for Administrative Affairs ensures that the Ministry’s business is conducted properly, and the Director-General for Legal Affairs is responsible for drafting proposals for laws and other regulations.

Divisions and secretariats

The divisions prepare matters ahead of government decisions. This work includes government bills, administrative matters and committee of inquiry remits. The divisions are also responsible for EU negotiations and international assignments, as well as contacts with the government agencies under the Ministry. The secretariats support the entire Ministry, based on their particular areas of responsibility.

Chemicals Division

The Division works with issues concerning a non-toxic environment, chemicals in products, the environment and health, and circular economy issues. This covers chemicals control, waste management and waste prevention, the environmental dimension of biotechnology and genetic engineering, environmental research, protection of the ozone layer and the remediation of contaminated sites. The Division is also responsible for nuclear safety, radiation protection and radioactive waste management.

Climate Division

The Division is responsible for Sweden’s participation in global climate change negotiations and EU work on fulfilling its commitments under the Kyoto Protocol. It is responsible for issues concerning emissions trading, project-based mechanisms, climate change adaptation and other climate policy instruments, and air quality issues. The Division is also responsible for promoting regional environmental cooperation that concerns the Nordic region, the Arctic Council and the Barents Euro-Arctic Council.

Environmental Assessment Division

The Division is responsible for processing administrative matters under the Swedish Environmental Code and for issues concerning environmental supervision, environmental noise and environmental aspects of transport infrastructure.

Natural Environment Division

The Division is responsible for nature conservation and biodiversity, as well as for marine environment issues and water management. It is responsible for almost 20 different international nature conservation and maritime conventions, and for EU work in these areas. Outdoor activities, shore protection, site protection and the environmental impact of agriculture, fisheries, forestry and reindeer husbandry are also part of the Division’s work.

Secretariat for Operations Management

The Secretariat coordinates the Ministry’s planning and budget activities, and works on agency governance, procurement, financial management and administrative issues concerning committees of inquiry under the Ministry.

Legal Secretariat

The Secretariat provides support to the Ministry in legal matters and is responsible for drafting ordinances, proposals to the Council on Legislation and government bills in so far as they concern legislation. It is also responsible for implementing EU legal acts and issuing statutes. Furthermore, the Secretariat works on general matters of administrative law, international negotiations of a legal nature and the formulation of international agreements.

International Affairs Secretariat

The Secretariat provides support to the ministry leadership, ambassadors and the other divisions on international issues. It coordinates and develops the Ministry’s EU work, its international work in bodies such as the UN and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and also Sweden’s activities in the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and bilateral environmental cooperation. The Secretariat also plans the ministry leadership’s international travel and visits.

Secretariat of the Stockholm+50 meeting

The Secretariat of the Stockholm+50 meeting (S50) is responsible for coordinating issues concerning an international high-level meeting to be held in Stockholm in 2022. The meeting is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first UN conference on the human environment, held in Stockholm in 1972. The Secretariate will also plan, implement, follow up and evaluate the meeting.