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Hans Dahlgren, EU-minister

Minister for EU Affairs

Prime Minister's Office

“Sweden will continue to play an active role in the European Union. In a time when we have many common challenges, and when one Member State even decides to leave the EU, we want to see more cross-border cooperation. For more and better jobs, for an ambitious climate policy, and for safety and security for everyone who lives here.”

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  • Opinion piece by Hans Dahlgren, Minister for EU Affairs

    EU-minister Hans Dahglren framför en svensk flagga och EU-flaggan.
    EU-minister Hans Dahlgren. Foto: Andreas Enbuske/Regeringskansliet

    On 29 March 2021 the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter published an opinion piece by Minister for EU Affairs Hans Dahlgren. In the article Hans Dahlgren writes about the ongoing discussion within the EU regarding strategic autonomy – which in simple terms is about attempting to reduce Europe’s dependence on the rest of the world.

    From the Swedish Government’s point of view, there are five primary areas in which initiatives can be taken to build a stronger EU that remains open to the rest of the world: the green transition, digital development, enhanced crisis preparedness, fair competition, and a stronger European voice regarding foreign and security policy. Hans Dahlgren writes that the Swedish Government will work actively to strengthen EU cooperation without jeopardising the single market’s fundamental principles of openness, innovation and free trade.

  • Debate on EU policy on 20 January

    Hans Dalgren, Minister for EU Affairs
    Hans Dalgren, Minister for EU Affairs Photo: Kristian Pohl/The Government Offices

    A debate on EU policy took place at the Riksdag Wednesday 20 January. The Minister for EU Affairs Hans Dahlgren opened the debate with a presentation of the Government's priorities in its work with EU matters.

    The debate on EU policy can be viewed live and on-demand via the Riksdag webcast service. The debate will be interpreted into sign language and English.

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