Three Analysis groups


The work on the future starts out from three themes: The Green transition and competitiveness, The Future of work and Global cooperation. Minister for Strategic Development Kristina Persson has appointed three groups on these themes with representatives from the business sector, civil society organisations and research to discuss and develop policies for the future.

The three analysis groups are:

The Future of work
The Green transition and competitiveness
Global cooperation

The task of the analysis groups is to identify challenges and problems, formulate visions, develop strategies and deliver proposals on priority measures in the medium and longer term. The focus is to be on measures during the next two to three electoral periods. The groups will be guided in their work by goals that have already been set, for example for 2020, 2030 and 2050. Each group will operate freely under two co-chairs. The results will be continuously communicated to the Government, which in turn can channel the proposals into ongoing work at the Government Offices.