Central government administration objectives

The objective of central government administration is an innovative and interactive central government administration that is legally certain and efficient, has a high degree of quality, service and accessibility, and thereby contributes to Sweden’s development and effective EU work.

New management models are to give government sector employees greater freedom. The knowledge, skills, experience and work ethics of the professions are to have greater influence. Governance must be clear, results-oriented, adapted to the activities, strategic and linked to scientific research.

Increased efficiency is to provide better service for citizens at a lower cost. In the long term, the National Government Service Centre is to contribute to make central government administration even more efficient.

Digitisation of public administration is to be encouraged. The rate of subscription to the electronic identity (eID) system must increase. 

Central government employer policy

The objective of central government employer policy is a cohesive central government employer policy that ensures availability of the skills needed to meet the objectives of activities.

The vision for central government employer policy includes giving government agencies the freedom to shape their own organisation and skills supply.

County administrative boards

National objectives are to take effect in the county, while taking into account regional circumstances and conditions. The objectives include all counties, regardless of the division of responsibilities and tasks between central and local government.

One of the aims of the vision is to strengthen county councils’ environmental efforts with a focus in part on the protection of valuable nature and the remediation of contaminated sites.

Property management

The objective is cost-effective central government property management. Property management agencies have a number of objectives to apply.