Consumer policy objectives

The objective of consumer policy is to give consumers the power and opportunity to make active choices.

Achieving this objective requires basic, statutory consumer protection and effective, well-functioning control of compliance with legislation. Further, there is a need for reliable, easily accessible consumer information. Another important matter is the possibility of straightforward dispute settlement. For individual consumers, a high level of consumer protection outside Sweden’s borders is also important, particularly with regard to travel or purchases via the internet.

In summary, although a number of significant efforts have been made in the consumer area, further efforts to improve the position of consumers are required in a number of areas. Policy will focus on the following areas:

  • Easily accessible consumer information
  • Out-of-court dispute settlement
  • Measures to counteract over-indebtedness
  • Consumer protection in telephone sales
  • Consumer protection in financial advice
  • The safety of consumer goods
  • Consumer protection in travel
  • Effective supervision of consumer legislation
  • Sustainable consumption