Cultural policy is about promoting a living and independent cultural heritage. This area covers the conditions for cultural practitioners and people’s access to culture in all its forms, and how cultural heritage is to be preserved, used and developed.

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Amanda Lind, Minister for Culture and Democracy, with responsibility for sport
Amanda Lind Minister for Culture and Democracy, with responsibility for sport

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  • Proof of vaccination may be required for access to public gatherings and public functions

    The Government intends to proceed with the proposal to allow the use of vaccination certificates at public gatherings and public functions from 1 December 2021. The aim is to limit the spread of the virus among unvaccinated people in particular by preventing them from gathering in large groups, while public gatherings and public functions can continue to receive visitors.

    “It is a priority of the Government to provide opportunities to promote culture, sport and other important events and gatherings. Now that we see that the situation is in danger of getting worse, we intend to proceed directly with the proposal for vaccination certificates that has already been prepared, so as to enable organisers of cultural and sporting events to continue their activities,” says Minister of Culture and Democracy Amanda Lind.

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