This policy area deals with the military defence sector and coordination with the civil defence sector, as well as with issues concerning the national total defence service. The area also includes bilateral and multilateral defence and defence equipment cooperation, admission to Swedish territory, defence intelligence operations and communications security.

Responsible for defence

Responsible ministers

Peter Hultqvist, Minister for Defence
Peter Hultqvist Minister for Defence
Mikael Damberg, Minister for Home Affairs
Mikael Damberg Minister for Home Affairs

Responsible ministry

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  • Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist to host Nordic defence ministerial meeting on Gotland

    The Nordic defence ministers will gather on Gotland on 9–10 April in the framework of the Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO). The agenda for the meeting includes total defence issues, regional security and the follow-up of the vision for Nordic defence cooperation amongst other. In conjunction to the meeting Finland, Norway and Sweden will sign an annex concerning security of supply, which constitutes a part of a wider Nordic defence materiel cooperation agreement. At the same time, Denmark will declare its intent to sign the annex.

Swedish Armed Forces

The most important for the Swedish defence during 2016-2020 is to increase the operational capability in the military unit and to secure the collective capability in the total defence.

Budget 2018: Increased military capabilities and enhanced total defence

In its Budget Bill for 2018, the Government proposes allocating an additional SEK 2.7 billion to Sweden’s total defence, of which SEK 2.3 billion for military defence and SEK 0.4 billion for civil defence.

The Swedish Defence Bill 2016-2020

Thursday, April 23, the Government proposed a Defence Bill 2016-2020 for the Parliament. The defence bill is based on a broad political agreement between five parties; the Social Democratic Party, Moderate Party, Green Party, Centre Party and Christian Democrats.

Defence cooperation between Finland and Sweden

In the autumn of 2013, Sweden and Finland announced their intent to deepen their defence cooperation.

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