This policy area deals with the military defence sector and coordination with the civil defence sector, as well as with issues concerning the national total defence service. The area also includes bilateral and multilateral defence and defence equipment cooperation, admission to Swedish territory, defence intelligence operations and communications security.

Responsible for defence

Responsible ministers

Peter Hultqvist, Minister for Defence
Peter Hultqvist Minister for Defence
Minister for Home Affairs Mikael Damberg
Mikael Damberg Minister for Home Affairs

Responsible ministries

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  • International meeting on Task Force Takuba in Mali

    Photo: Swedish Armed Forces

    On 7 April, the Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist, together with defence ministers from several other participating countries, took part in an international digital meeting on Task Force Takuba, a multinational special forces task force to which Sweden is contributing a 150-strong unit.

  • Minister Hultqvist explained the roadmap toward the future Swedish defence at press briefing

    The Swedish Minister for Defence, Peter Hultqvist, at the virtual press briefing.,
    The Swedish Minister for Defence, Peter Hultqvist, presenting investments in Sweden’s defence capabilities to international media. Photo: Maja L Persson/Government Offices of Sweden.

    An increase of the annual defence budget by 85 percent from 2015 to 2025. A new and larger war-time organisation, six new training establishments and new procurements. The Swedish Minister for Defence, Peter Hultqvist, presented the largest investment in Sweden’s defence capabilities in 70 years to international media on April 7.

Photo: Jimmy Croona/Swedish Armed Forces

Objectives for Swedish total defence 2021–2025

In the government bill ‘Totalförsvaret 2021–2025’ (Total Defence 2021–2025), the Government is proposing a substantial increase of capabilities in both military and civilian defence.

Government Offices of Sweden

Development of modern total defence

The total defence includes all activities preparing the society for war and consists of both civil and military defence. The defence bill for 2016–2020 aimed at ensuring the overall capability of Swedish total defence.

Photo: Government Offices of Sweden

The Swedish way: International defence cooperation

Sweden has extensive defence cooperation with other states and organisations. This cooperation is an integral part of the solidarity-based security policy upon which Sweden builds security together with others.

Photo: Anton Thorstensson/Swedish Armed Forces

Defence cooperation between Finland and Sweden

Sweden's most far-reaching defence cooperation is its cooperation with Finland. The two countries have similar security policies, and they both wish to expand their already extensive defence cooperation.

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