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Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO)


Sweden holds the Chairmanship of the Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO) in 2015. The cooperation covers the entire breadth of the Swedish Armed Forces' activities, such as training and exercises, logistics, international operations and military material and equipment.

Sweden assumes chairmanship of Nordic Defence Cooperation in 2015

The Nordic countries agree that much can be gained from defence and security cooperation. The aim of NORDEFCO is to strengthen participating countries' national defence and improve their defence capability.

"Nordic defence cooperation is a priority for Sweden. NORDEFCO aims at strengthening each country's defence capability and promote our common security," says Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist.

Article: Sweden assumes Chairmanship of Nordic Defence Cooperation in 2015

Press Release: Nordic defence ministers meeting in Arvidsjaur and Luleå on 10-11 March

Swedish chairmanship of NORDEFCO

The main aim and purpose of the Nordic defence Cooperation is to strengthen the participating nations' national defence, explore common synergies and facilitate efficient common solutions.In order to achieve this aim, the objectives of the Nordic Defence Cooperation include (but are not limited to):

  • An inclusive chairmanship with a joint ownership
  • Concrete objectives through clear guidance at the political level followed by concrete measures at the military level
  • Priorities and common objectives are based on the development of the security situation in our neighbourhood and the objectives of the agreed vision for Nordic Defence Cooperation 2020

Increase the exchange of information and cooperation between the countries in each cooperation areas

Chairmanship priorities

  • Policy                                    
    Strengthen the Nordic voice on security and defence issues through increased dialogue and coordination.
  • International Operations                                    
    Seek possible cooperation within operations, increase the level of information-sharing and coordination between the political and military level, in order to have an increased understanding of decision-making processes. Continue to work on the Defence Sector Capacity Building initiative. Draw on the experiences of the Nordic Battle Group. Increase access to secure communication.
  • Capability development, training and exercise                                    
    Strengthen cooperation on air and sea surveillance in order to improve situational awareness and early warning in our region. Continue to develop Nordic exercise (including Cross Border Training and a qualified Nordic air exercise).
  • Armaments                                    
    Establish principles for sustainable acquisition and through-life management of materiel.

Areas of cooperation

Cooperation on exercises and capability development

Joint exercises are an important part of advancing Nordic cooperation. The Nordic countries are also working actively to identify joint capability projects.

Cooperation on armaments

A central aim of NORDEFCO activities is the more efficient use of financial and operative resources.

Cooperation on armaments

Cooperation in international operations

Joint Nordic operations are important as they can contribute to significant coordination benefits and lead to more effective operations.

Cooperation in international operations