Goals and visions

Asserting our country’s sovereignty is fundamental to Sweden achieving its security objectives: protecting the lives and health of the population and the functioning of society, as well as our capacity to uphold fundamental values, such as democracy, the rule of law and human rights.

The objective of Swedish defence is to defend Sweden and promote our security, independently and with others, within and outside the country.

In the coming years, the most important priority of the Swedish defence policy is to enhance the operational capabilities of Sweden's defence. This will be done by investing in defence and striving to achieve effective cooperation between the military defence and the rest of society. It is important to highlight the overall function of our total defence, including civil defence support to the Armed Forces in the event of a state of emergency, threat of war or war. Well-developed defence intelligence capabilities are also key to effectively utilising and developing other capabilities.

Human resources provision

The single most important prerequisite for enhancing operational capabilities is the ability of the Armed Forces to recruit and retain personnel over time. The Government is reviewing a range of measures to strengthen the provision of human resources, such as extended basic training and refresher courses for personnel in wartime postings.

Defence equipment and exercises

The availability of Sweden's military units is also determined by functioning basic defence equipment and materiel. The Government's aim is to secure these basic components of the Swedish defence, such as individual soldiers' equipment, communications systems, vehicles and logistic capability.

To achieve the objective of enhancing the operational capabilities of the Swedish defence, it is also essential that advanced Armed Forces exercises take place regularly and involve different parts of the Armed Forces simultaneously. Exercises generate clear objectives for the development of the war organisation and regular exercises will be conducted in strategically important areas.

International cooperation and relations

Swedish security relies on international cooperation and relations, through the United Nations, the EU, partnerships with NATO and defence cooperation with the Nordic and Baltic countries. The Government is keen to nurture and develop these collaborative arrangements through closer cooperation in our surroundings and participation in international operations.

Sweden and Finland share several security policy assumptions. Deeper defence cooperation will strengthen each nation's capability and will generate greater security in the surroundings.