Objectives for enterprise and industry

The goal of enterprise and industrial policy is to enhance Swedish competitiveness and create conditions for more jobs in an increasing number of growing companies.

Enterprise and industrial policy is governed by an explicit employment goal. The number of people who work and the number of hours worked in the economy are to increase so much that Sweden achieves the lowest unemployment rate in the EU in 2020.

Development in enterprise and industry is affected by a range of different factors. One of them is that Sweden is a country that is entirely dependent on its competitiveness in global markets. It is particularly important to the Government that Swedish companies compete using their expertise, productivity and innovation capacity.

Currently, businesses in Sweden have good framework conditions to operate within, and the Government believes that the priority is to continue efforts to improve these, not least for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Strategy for new industrialisation

The Government wants to draw up a strategy for new industrialisation. The basis of this will be the creation of conditions for more companies to locate their production in Sweden.

The focus of the strategy is to include a high level of knowledge content in Swedish products and services. It is to encompass industry's access to skills and research results, capital and improved conditions for innovation and production in Sweden.

Industrial research institutes will gain a significant role and the Government intends to further reinforce and integrate the sector.

Goals for entrepreneurship

The Government wants to strengthen the business climate so that more people start businesses and so that existing businesses and potential businesses can grow, export and employ more people.

Goals for innovation

The Government wants to reinforce Sweden's innovation capacity and innovation climate in order to contribute to sustainable development and create the conditions for new jobs to emerge throughout Sweden.

All enterprise policy initiatives in Sweden are also to contribute towards the goals of the EU's common strategy for growth and employment, Europe 2020.