Environment and climate

Environmental policy concerns creating a society free of emissions and hazardous toxins, with consideration for people, animals and nature. It also concerns creating a sustainable society that is adapted to climate change. Many environmental issues are global in nature and consequently a large part of the work takes place in collaboration with other countries.

Responsible for environment and climate

Responsible ministers

Karolina Skog
Karolina Skog Minister for the Environment
Isabella Lövin
Isabella Lövin Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate, and Deputy Prime Minister

Responsible ministry

News about environment and climate

  • Towards an ambitious global deal on chemicals

    On 12 March, Minister for the Environment Karolina Skog invited a smaller group of countries, researchers and stakeholders to a high-level dialogue on how the countries of the world can handle chemicals and waste. The spread of dangerous chemicals constitutes a major health risk at global level. Sweden wants to see a global agreement for chemicals, comparable to the Paris Agreement for the climate. Ms Skog’s idea to form a coalition of like-minded countries to pursue an ambitious global deal was supported by all those who participated.

  • More steps to reduce plastics and microplastics in the oceans

    Photo: Johnér bildbyrå

    Plastic in the oceans is one of our most serious global environmental problems. To tackle both the sources and effects of the problem, the Government has decided on a ban on the use of microplastic in certain cosmetic products, and on a grant to municipalities to clean up plastic from Sweden’s beaches.

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