Goals and visions

The overall goal of environmental policy is to be able to pass on to the next generation a society in which the major environmental problems have been solved, without increasing environmental and health problems beyond Sweden’s borders.

A forward-looking environmental policy creates new opportunities for jobs in the green technologies sector and promotes development of the welfare society. The Government wants to see advancement towards environmentally friendly production and lifestyles, which both safeguard our natural environment and health, and strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness and economy for the long term.

Sweden has long been able to take pride in its position as a driving force in international environmental efforts. It is now time to raise our ambitions to a new level, not least by taking greater responsibility at home.

The Riksdag has adopted an overall objective, the generational goal, which is to guide environmental action at every level of society. The generational goal means that the conditions for solving environmental problems are to be met within one generation and that environmental policy should be directed towards ensuring that:

  • ecosystems have recovered, or are on the way to recovery, and their long-term capacity to generate ecosystem services is assured;
  • biodiversity and the natural and cultural environment are preserved, promoted and used sustainably;
  • human health is exposed to minimal negative environmental impact, while the positive impact of the environment on human health is promoted;
  • ecocycles are resource-efficient and as far as possible free from hazardous substances;
  • natural resources are managed well;
  • the share of renewable energy increases and use of energy is efficient, with minimal impact on the environment; and
  • patterns of consumption of goods and services cause the least possible problems for the environment and human health.