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Fair working conditions

The Government safeguards the Swedish model, which builds on agreement between unions and employers on terms of employment in the labour market. Sweden is also pursuing issues in the EU on fair competition for businesses, and on rights and conditions for EU citizens who are posted to work in Sweden.

Responsible ministers
Eva Nordmark
Tomas Eneroth
Responsible ministries
Ministry of Employment
Ministry of Infrastructure

Everyone should have a secure job with fair conditions

  • Government bill proposes more equal treatment of posted workers

    The Government has adopted a bill to enable Sweden to implement the EU’s revised Posting of Workers Directive. The Government proposes a range of legislative amendments that will create more equal conditions for posted workers and domestic workers.


Jennie Zetterström
Press Secretary to the Minister for Employment Eva Nordmark
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Eva Nordmark, Minister for Employment.
Eva Nordmark, Minister for Employment. Photo: Kristian Pohl.

Criminal activity in working life

“Criminal activity in working life has no place in our labour market. Society’s view of unscrupulous companies that cheat must continue to be uncomprising. Companies that follow the rules risk being out-competed by unscrupulous actors. The Government is taking a tough stance. It is important to call problems by their proper name. We have a level of criminal activity in working life here in Sweden that exploits people and also functions as a source of income for organised crime,” says Minister for Employment Eva Nordmark.

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Fair working conditions for posted workers

It is increasingly common for citizens of other countries to be posted to work in Sweden. The Posting of Workers Directive contains rules for people who are posted to another country by their employer to work there for a limited period.

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A work environment policy for the modern working life

The Government's work environment policy for 2016-2020 is to contribute to a work environment that prevents ill health, accidents and people being excluded from working life. Work environment management must take into account people's differing circumstances and contribute to the development of both individuals and operations.

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Sweden influences the EU

Free movement is a cornerstone of EU cooperation. Mobility must go hand in hand with social security, a high level of employee protection and good working conditions for all employees, wherever they come from.

Group photo
Group photo from the Social Summit for Fair Jobs and Growth in Gothenburg. Photo: Sören Andersson/Governemnt Offices

Social Summit for Fair Jobs and Growth

The Social Summit for Fair Jobs and Growth took place in Gothenburg on 17 November 2017. The seminars and working sessions were webcast live during the Summit and are available on demand in English, French, German and Swedish on

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Clear regulations and fair competition in the transport sector

The Government is working to ensure that clear regulations and fair competition guide legislation in the transport sector, resulting in improved working conditions throughout the EU.

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